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About Our Shoes
After many months spent researching materials, visiting factories, developing prototypes
and putting our shoes to the wear test, we finally have a collection we’re madly in love with
and we hope you feel the same!
We use some of the best animal free materials currently available and our shoes are handmade in Portugal.
We simply don’t compromise on quality and ethics.



This material is made in Italy, using the apple peels and cores discarded by the juicing and compote industries. This waste would previously be incinerated, generating toxic emissions, but it’s now used in shoes, handbags, furniture etc. Its grainy texture and softness would fool anyone into thinking they’re touching traditional leather.

Shop apple leather here or here or here.


Piñatex is made from leaf fibres which result from the pineapple harvest in the Philippines, providing additional income to local farming communities. It is then transported to Spain for specialised finishing. We love its unique look and feel but most importantly, its sustainability credentials.

Shop pineapple leather in black, silver, gold or in our newest edition red.


There are many types of synthetic materials, but we use microfibre based vegan leather, which is the most premium option currently available. It is hard if not impossible to distinguish microfibre leather from ‘real’ leather in terms of appearance, however the vegan version can be up to 5 times more durable and 50% lighter. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Shop vegan leather here.


Just like our vegan leather above, microsuede is microfibre based. It is a very premium material with a smooth feel - we cannot get people to stop touching it! Microsuede puts ‘real’ suede to shame: it’s softer, more durable, easier to clean and, of course, cruelty free.

Shop microsuede here.


It’s a brand new material made from corn and wheat, that delivers a super vibrant finish and some of the whitest whites we've ever seen. This innovative material is extremely durable and
versatile and, best of all, reduces food waste and looks amazing.

Shop our cereal here.


Our lining material almost sounds too good to be true: it feels like the softest leather, but is 100% breathable, being able to absorb 8 times its own weight in water (aka sweat). It’s also antimicrobial, anti-odour, anti-allergy and thermo-regulating – quite the overachiever.


This medical grade fabric makes the lining of our Joaquin style and it is next level comfy. Soft, 100% breathable, quick drying and featuring Coolmax to keep your feet cool. Yes please.

Shop dermodry lining here.

Our sneakers are handcrafted by highly skilled shoemakers in Portugal. Each pair goes through many hands, each doing their bit with love and care, to put together the final product before it makes its way to you.
Why did we choose Portugal? Mainly because they are highly regarded for the quality and tradition of their shoemakers, but also because we wanted to ensure the people who make our shoes have great working conditions and are paid fair wages.

Below is a sneak peek of our manufacturing process.