Can I buy No Saints sneakers?

If you're in Australia, YES! We have a small batch of Mileys and Joaquins to sell through this website (with free shipping for Aus) and around local markets in Sydney. 

We just want to make sure we're fully setup and running smoothly before we expand our range and start selling worldwide. We expect to launch more styles in Australia around May 2019 and in the USA and Europe up to 2 months later.

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What are your shoes made of?

Hands down the #1 question we get, which is amazing! It shows people are becoming more aware of what they are consuming and how their purchases affect others & the environment.

Our current styles are made of: apple leather, a material made in Italy from the apple peels discarded by the juicing industry; high quality vegan leather (microfibre) which is free of agents harmful to your health; and Piñatex, an innovative material made by extracting fibres from pineapple leaves. Our next styles will again be made of new and revolutionary eco-friendly materials and we will always be on the lookout for innovations.

Our soles contain at least 20% recycled rubber and our laces are made of waxed cotton - animal free wax, of course.

Why don't you use leather in your shoes?

No Saints was founded with the sole purpose (pun intended) of being animal free. The sad reality is that there is immeasurable cruelty in the leather industry, and even if you could prove to us that the specific animal your accessories come from had a happy healthy life (unlikely), they still had to die for you to sport their skins. But that’s not all… although leather is considered a “natural” material, the tanning process it goes through uses substances like chromium, arsenic, cyanide and formaldehyde, to stop it from biodegrading. That doesn't sound very natural, huh? These harsh chemicals are extremely harmful both for the environment and for tannery workers, who often end up developing cancer and other illnesses. We know the truth about leather is not common knowledge yet, but we encourage you to seek out information and make better choices, always :) 

Nowadays we have the technology to produce far superior materials: more resistant, breathable, washable, eco-friendly etc., all without causing harm, so we no longer need leather. 

Why are your shoes made in Portugal?

Firstly, Portugal is known to produce some of the best shoes in the world, and we don't compromise on quality! Through our developing process, we considered a variety of countries and concluded that by manufacturing in Portugal we would be in a better position to ensure shoemakers have great working conditions and are paid decent wages, and that our shoes have consistent quality.

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