Our Team

Caroline – the impulsive & passionate founder

Having worked in Supply Chain for most of her career, Caroline was the one who started dreaming of No Saints and then realised it could be turned into reality.

She is Brazilian by background, but has called Australia home since 2014. Obsessed with food and dogs of all shapes and sizes. She often finds her jokes aren’t fully appreciated by others, but at least she makes herself laugh out loud.


Johan – the creative partner & co-founder

Coming from a Private Equity background and having completed his Masters at Oxford, Johan is seriously smart and business savvy.

He’s been in Australia for 18 years but hasn’t lost his charming South African accent. His hobbies include singing (poorly) and googling any symptoms he may have, which results in highly exaggerated self-diagnosis #WebMD.


Anouk – the strategic marketing genius & all round inspiration

Anouk has a seriously impressive CV, which includes companies such as Louis Vuitton and Condé Nast. She’s fun, creative and has an amazing sense of style.

Anouk is Australian, but has been a world citizen throughout her life. She has 3 adorable daughters, 2 lovely dogs and a hilarious husband, all of whom occasionally drop by during our meetings and make it all the more fun.

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