Our Story

Our founder Caroline has always been an animal lover (aren’t we all?), but the possibility of adopting a vegan lifestyle sat in the “too hard” basket for a while. Around mid 2017, she realised it was about damn time for her to live in alignment with her values. She considers going vegan the best decision she ever made, and like most who go down this path, she became increasingly more passionate about animal welfare.

The seeds for No Saints were planted in mid 2018, when Caroline was frustrated with the (lack of) leather free options for accessories, and shoes in particular. Rather than sit and wait a few years until more brands started taking notice of the demand, she thought it was a challenge worth taking. All of a sudden, starting this venture (which back then was just referred to as "the business") became all Caroline thought about and she knew she had found her passion.

She was scared as hell, but also ridiculously excited to jump head first into this project. Impulsive as always, she went against everyone’s advice and gave her employer notice a few days later and proceeded to work on No Saints in every spare minute. As challenging as the journey has been, she has never looked back (she would also like to point out she feels pretty weird talking about herself in the 3rd person).

Johan was excited from the very first time he heard about the idea for “the business” and decided to jump right in. He’s the best co-founder we could possibly have: bringing new ideas to the table, acting as a sounding board and passionately talking about No Saints to anyone who will hear him.

Johan and Caroline met with Anouk early on for advice and ended up leaving with much more: an energetic new business partner who loves what No Saints is about. She’s probably one of the busiest people of anyone we know, but is always taking the time to make No Saints better.

Our first supplier meeting in Portugal


One of our team meetings (missing Johan, who was taking the photo)

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